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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

A most excellent figure from Kenner's Bill & Ted line.

Figure: Genghis Khan (With his huge staff swinging up and down, Genghis Khan is not to be messed with!)
Year of Release: 1991
Instructions: Remove tunic, split his staff and Genghis Khan becomes a most excellent drummer! Squeeze his legs together to activate his jammin' drum action.

Make Genghis Khan play music with the WYLD STALLYNS Speaker and Tape set (sold separately). Attach the speaker to the figure and to most portable tape players (not included); insert tape, turn the tape player on and squeeze Bill's legs together to hear him actually play real rock 'n roll music!

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was a most threatening dude back in Ancient China! However, Bill & Ted realized that he would make an awesome drummer and have brought him back to our time to join the band.

Genghis Khan plays music with your portable tape player and special Speaker and Tape set (sold separately)

Bar Code: 0 76281 54260 7
Model No: 54260
Original Purchase Location: Lionel Kiddie City (Turn that Frown Upside-Down!)
Original SKU: 628479
Original Price: $5.99
Card Back Code: 6109-019-00

CAUTION: Not recommended for children who still put objects in their mouths. Contains small parts.

Ages 4 and up.

Bill & Ted's Tape Offer With the WYLD STALLYNS Speaker & Tape set and most cassette players, BILL & TED's action figures can really play music! To get your Speaker & Tape set, send your name and address on a 3"x5" card and a check or money order for $5.99 ($4.99 plus $1.00 postage and handling) to:
Bill & Ted's Offer
P.O. Box 2928
Young America, MN
Offer good in USA only. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Offer expires August 1, 1992.

In the interest of better quality and value, we are constantly improving and
updating our products. Consequently, pictures on this package may sometimes differ
from the model enclosed.

© 1991 Nelson Films Inc.
All Rights Reserved
TM designates a trademark
of Nelson Films Inc.
* ® Kenner Products
A Division of
Tonka Corporation,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Genghis Khan

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