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Battle Force 5 - Battle Talking Reverb

I never quite managed to find all of the Battle Force 5 vehicles in their myriad of assorted sizes, given that I was late to the collecting party for that line. It's really just as well, since the last thing the basement needs is several more plastic bins full of well-intentioned but quickly ignored awesome toys. A number of the Mattel-made items did join the ranks of the Preserve, however, and are still slowly making their way onto the site - one such item being the Battle Talking Reverb vehicle!

It's a long and proud tradition to have a toy that broadcasts audio from the parent cartoon. While fun the first day or so, it tends to get a little old after a short while. These vehicles continue to hold my interest, though, and hopefully anyone who wanted these fun Battle Talkers was able to scare up a set of the three that were made. I found this one at KMart, on some sort of hidden clearance shelf or another. Click the image above for more shots of this here-and-gone-in-a-flash sonic vehicle! Muadib!
Posted by charlie on January 26th 2011, 09:12 PM
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January 27th, 10:48 PM
Wait - BATTLE TALKING? Are the figures the standard size here?
January 28th, 11:22 AM
Nope - sorry I really should include something for scale!

The figures are super mini, and in fact don't even come out of the vehicles. They are just a head sticking up, which is in fact the trigger switch for the audio clip!
February 6th, 11:15 AM
It doesn't surprise me at all that these things failed horribly. Too many scales, none of which had everything. I suppose we'll see next week if the new series they showed at SDCC last year will get more than a token release.
February 6th, 12:12 PM
Yeah - it is extremely confusing trying to understand all the parts of this line, and once you do then trying to understand why they needed to do it that way. I think I'll retain a collection of the 1:24 scale vehicles, since they are pretty cool and a useful size.

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