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Canne'pirate - Rigg'n
Bah'glenn Creations - Canne'pirate - Rigg'n

Bah'glenn Creations - Canne'pirate - Rigg'n

Bah'glenn Creations - Canne'pirate - Rigg'n

Bah'glenn Creations - Canne'pirate - Rigg'n

Bah'glenn Creations - Canne'pirate - Rigg'n

Bah'glenn Creations - Canne'pirate - Rigg'n

Bah'glenn Creations - Canne'pirate - Rigg'n

Series: Canne'pirates!

Bah'glenn Creations - Canne'pirate - Rigg'n

Crew Member: "Rigg'n"
Duty: Dragon's Maw Mechanic and Weaponsmith
"Rigg'n be tha 'boid that re-built the Dragon's Maw into the impressive space craft it be tehday, and ye'd never 'spect him o' bein' a genius based on first glance; 'tween you an me he looks a bit daft. Appearances aside he's strong as a gronkk and can move around on his arms faster'n most people can walk on two legs. A 2nd pair of smaller arms he uses for the majority of his tinkerin' as his larger arms be too big & awkward for fine manipulations. When the Dragon's Maw first existed, it be just a regular sea-faring vessel and through the use o' some stolen Traveler & Glyaxia Command tech he was able to convert it for space travel. Powerful force field generators keep the oxygen aboard the ship and it can be extended around a nearby vessel enabling tha crew to swing aboard for the plunderin'. It's these same force fields that allows the Dragon's Maw ta alter it's appearance and survive direct attacks from the White Skull rig squadron in several battles, much ta Glyaxia Command's chagrin. Rigg'n tends to keep to himself and stay in his workshop where he builds new weapons fer me and me crew as well as keepin' the ship runnin' smoothly. Some o' the crew used to pick on him, but he's a formidable hand-ta-hand fighter and put a few o' them in thar place in light of their loose tongues. Tha crew still don't understan' him, but they have enough respect not ta start trouble; it's generally a good idea not ta get on the bad side o' the person who fixes your weapons and can also toss ye around like a rag doll."
- Excerpt from Captain Spakk Jahroh's Log Book

Canne'pirates created by: Chris "Bah'glenn" Negri

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