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TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II
TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

Game Data

Title: Legendary Axe II
Players: 1
Year: 1990
Producer: Victor Musical Industries, Inc., Red/Atlus
Bar Code: (missing outer box)

The "Sting" of Cold Steel Returns!
The dark and evil reign of the wicked King Drodam finally came to an end when he was defeated by our hero, Brace. The darkness and evil of the past faded away, and Brace was crowned king. Once again, peace and prosperity returned to the Ancient Kingdom.

Soon after ascending the throne, King Brace married his childhood sweetheart, Grace, whom he had rescued from the evil King Drodam. For years, happiness and prosperity filled the Kingdom until King Brace, who had ruled wisely and well, passed away suddenly. He was soon followed into the hereafter by his wife, Queen Grace. The people were overcome with grief, and the yearning for a new king accompanied their sorrow.

The problem of choosing a successor to the throne fell to the royal princes. A contest was held among the princes, and two rivals emerged - Prince Zach, the oldest son of King Brace, and Prince Sirius, the youngest son. Desperate for victory, Prince Zach turned to the master of evil and darkness, King Drodam. Prince Zach used the power of King Drodam to defeat his brother, and he was thus able to ascend the throne.

Once again, the Kingdom had fallen into the clutches of evil. The Royal Palace, once a symbol of peace, had become a darkened den of evil. All that was gained seemed lost as Prince Sirius planned his return.

Now, Prince Sirius stands before the gates of the Royal Palace with the Legendary Royal Sword in his hand, determined to destroy the evil within and to restore peace to the Ancient Kingdom. And thus the curtain rises on another tale...

HuCard Notes:
  • Don't bend, drop or subject to shock.
  • Keep away from static electricity, heat, water and direct sunlight.
  • Please put back into the case after you play.

U.S. Patents #4,462,076,
#4,442,486, #4,454,594
Canada patent #1,183,276
Made in Japan
©1990 Victor Musical Industries, Inc.
©1990 Red/Atlus

Liner Notes:

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NEC Technologies, Inc.
1255 Michael Drive
Wood Dale, IL 60191-1094

"TurboGrafx-16", "TurboPad",
"TurboChip" and "Legendary Axe II"
are trademarks of NEC
Technologies, Inc.

© 1990 NEC Technologies, Inc.
Printed in U.S.A.


TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

TurboGrafx16 - Legendary Axe II

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